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Notes from #ReadingConf19

November 8, 2019 The conference Reading in a Digital Environment in Regensburg just ended, and I sat down in a café at Hauptbahnhof to write down some quick notes. First of all, thanks to the organizers! I’ve met a lot of new people and attended some great sessions. And, of course, a lot of new questions popped up. Here are some quickly drafted notes. Paper or display? As expected, this is the most frequently asked question.

Next-book’s open cloud

September 16, 2019

Big Early-web Innovations

May 21, 2017

How to be wrong (for beginners)

November 18, 2014

We all should wear alarm clocks

February 27, 2014




Realizing the potential of digital books

Peer Blender

Open-source peer-assessment tool


A photo of me: gazing into the camere in a Dreamer t-shirt.

I am a freelance designer, coder and teacher.
I use technology to cope with problems.
My background is in sociology, political science and media studies.

I am interested in understanding.